95th Adlaw ng Del Carmen SOMA

Mayor JR Coro

State of the Municipality Address
95th Adlaw ng Del Carmen
October 20, 2015

Honorable Alfredo Matugas Coro II
Del Carmen Convention Center
Del Carmen, Siargao Islands, Surigao Del Norte


My respect to our Governor Sol Matugas and Congressman Lalo Matugas, Vice Governor Jun Egay and Provincial Board, Vice Mayor Andie Tan and the Sangguniang Bayan Members, Barangay Captains and Officials, LGU Department Heads and Staff, Allied Agencies and Partners, DEPED Family, SSCT DC Family, my beloved Senior Citizens and Students, Fr Manny Quiban, Colleagues in government. Special recognition to OWWA Regional Director Samuel Madrid and PPA PMO Surigao Port Manager Mildred Padilla who is present to witness the 2015 State of the Municipality Address.

I am honored to share this morning as well with my family, a first for the last five years, Mrs Lizabeth Ong – Coro with sons Aj Coro III and Ibarra Lee Coro, my parents Atty Pedoy Gonzales Coro and Engr Baby Matugas Coro, my siblings ABC President Marlon, Tony Boy and Lynlen, my relatives in attendance, friends, ladies and gentlemen good morning.


Let me start by welcoming everyone to the 95th Foundation Day of the Municipality of Del Carmen. In 5 years our beloved town will be a 100 years old and will be the oldest Municipality in Siargao Islands thus in the last 5 years of our service, we have worked hard to bring justice of how a 100 year old Municipality should look like – a government and community by the people, of the people and for the people. This is the Bag-Ong Del Carmen! For this honor and privilege, I owe the people service above self, and to serve more and not to be served. Thank you to all Del Carmenons for believing in our leadership, our governance and our dreams.

Allow me to extend my respects to our leaders who have made this symbol of Bag-Ong Del Carmen possible:
Sangguniang Bayan of Del Carmen
Hon Vice Mayor Andronia Tan
Hon Kent Angelito Jucay Hon Constantino Cubillan
Hon Jose Bayang Hon Walthon Calayag
Hon Remenildo Ongoy Hon Oscar Toldo
Hon Surlida Compasivo Hon Claro Cariaga
Hon ABC Marlon Coro 20 Barangay Captains of Del Carmen

What we have committed to you is to continue to deliver, with the best of our ability and with very pure intentions, public service that is for the people, needed by the people, and sustained by the people.

I stand before the honorable members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Del Carmen led by the Chairman, Vice Mayor Andronia Tan to present the state of the municipality after our 2014-2015 years of public service.

Before we proceed, let us be reminded of our vision and mission:

Vision: An active citizenry and competent Government with a sustainable Agri Eco-Tourism driven economy
Mission: To deliver quality social services through community driven development and partnerships.


It has been a great journey of for everyone. Together, we have shared in the progress and development of our municipality with the support of our partners in the public, non-government organizations and private sectors.

We have our five pillars of sustainable development roadmaps that the local government has been executing for the past 4 years:
a. Project EQuIP (Education QUality Improvement Program)
b. Health Governance Program
c. ECOTOWN Environmental Program
d. Food Security Roadmap
e. Social Tourism Program Development

Based on these roadmaps, LGU Del Carmen execute the programs with sole objective of decreasing the poverty incidence, increase the capacity and capability for people to find better opportunities, and to ensure balanced ecosystem development of the community.

• Project EQuIP: LGU Del Carmen’s Program is resulted into the 3rd Best Literacy and Education Governance Program in the Philippines and also its Day Care Initiative resulted into LGU Del Carmen being one of the recognized Champions of Early Childhood Care Development. SSCT Del Carmen Campus is on track to become a very strong college or university with the collaboration of LGU Del Carmen and the SSCT Del Carmen Campus Family. Thanks to the DEPED Family, SSCT Del Carmen Campus and the Day Care Workers for all the work in ensuring we have quality Education.

• Health Governance Program: LGU Del Carmen’s Seal of Health Governance is now recognized in 7 of the 14 regions of the Country and was awarded the Top 5 Champions for Health Governance in 2015. Congratulations to Team RHU led by Dr Marjory Vizconde, Barangay Health Workers and the Barangay Captains for making Del Carmen known in the National Scene as people who genuinely care for their people. We are lobbying with the SB to be institutionalized as the Health program of Del Carmen

• Food Security Roadmap: We are taking reforms into having a realistic Food Security Program which will still be anchored on People’s Organizations, Organic Farming and Fisheries Management. We are more confident in this undertaking with the committed support of the Department of Agriculture, Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Science and Technology, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, RARE Inc, SIKAT, PTFCF, Misereor, OXFAM, GIZ, Climate Change Commission.

• ECOTOWN Environmental Program: ECOTOWN approach to development has resulted into a better landuse management plan or CLUP although not yet finalized, having a 1,000 hectare rehabilitation program for the Del Carmen Mangrove Forest and LGU Del Cavrmen leading Siargao in developing a more sustainable setup for access to water, energy and waste management.

• Social Tourism Program Development: The brand value of Siargao It Up is now recognized all over the country winning the 2nd Best Tourism Event in 2014 under the Department of Tourism. We will slowly unfold the Del Carmen Tourism and Business Council with concrete plans on how our initial foundations can be sustained to result into strong economic driver for Del Carmen.

1. I am very grateful for the very strong support of the Sangguniang Bayan for the programs of the executive department hastening the process of transformation of Del Carmen. Let us give our SB Members a round of applause and appreciation.
2. From 2014 -2015 these are their Landmark Ordinances:
a. Del Carmen Tourism and Business
b. Comprehensive Municipal Fisheries
c. Annual Appropriations (No Repeat Budget)
d. Transportation Management
e. Community Development Support through agreement with the Kalahi CIDDS Program


We take Zero Casualty Seriously. This is not negotiable! Since 2010, we have 0 casualty and let us all work together to maintain this number. November to February is our typhoon season and we must always be prepared.

1. Development of DRR Facilities:
a. Ongoing development of Municipal Evacuation Center and Barangay Evacuation Centers
b. Funding Availability for Buildings to serve as Evacuation Centers:
i. Municipal Women’s Commercial Center Completion which will host the Municipal Agriculture and Fisheries Office who are managing the 35 People’s Organizations
ii. 15M National Government Agencies Building and Evacuation Center
iii. 6M Completion of the Del Carmen Convention Center
iv. 3M rehabilitation of the Landbank Building into a Municipal Legislative Building
c. Housing for Families in High Risk Areas
i. 20 Houses courtesy of LBC Foundation
ii. 12M Land Development of Gawad Kalinga Pangarap Village Phase 1

2. Public Communications:
a. Radyo Kabakhawan 97.7 DXNG-FM will soon move to its permanent location in the Siargao DOH Operations Center with the LGU Communications Office to better manage Disaster Risk Management
b. Utilization of Social Media to increase governance coverage especially with the OFW. We have our award winning website and Facebook Page / Group regularly updated. LGU Del Carmen as more or less 700 OFWs.

3. Managing Peace and Order
a. Fight Against Drugs is our #1 Priority and the our aggressive approach has led to the capture of several drug dealers and will continue to apprehend more. With PNP, PDEA and the provincial government, we will also intensify the drug education program in schools and barangays.
b. BFP is duly recognized for its efforts to address issue on fire and their role in disaster mitigation not only in Del Carmen but also in nearby municipalities.

4. Partnership Driven Development:
a. We have increased on partners in development from 0 in 2010 to more than a 100 active partners as of 2015. Some of our partners from the private sector includes the biggest names in business while our partners in the public sector allowed us direct access to projects in the regional and national level
b. May I give special mention to SIKAT who has been with us for the last 3 years capacitating our communities in developing MDRR, Coastal Resource Management and the Mangrove Management plan. Teach for Philippines has 3 TFP Fellows currently in teaching grades 4-6 in Numancia Central Elementary School and another TFP Fellow joining directly LGU Del Carmen to support the Food Security Program.


1. Improving Accessibility to Del Carmen
a. In partnership with Gov Sol and Cong Lalo, we have completed almost all the secondary national roads towards Del Carmen from Dapa, San Isidro and San Benito. Ongoing is the the tourism roads of Antipolo to Mabini in Pilar and will soon also construct the Farm To Market Road of Cancohoy, Del Carmen to Bongdo, San Benito from Philippine Coconut Authority.
b. Department of Transportation and Communications already completed the new Tourism Passenger Terminal and has allocated funding for the Ports of Halian, Port of Caub and Port of San Fernando. Port of Dumoyog will be a joint undertaking between LGU Del Carmen and the Province of Surigao del Norte under the MDRR program
c. Soon we will have the Siargao Domestic Airport expanded and developed into the Siargao International Airport. WOW DEL CARMEN!!

2. Community Driven Infrastructure Program was made through the KC – NCDDP Partnership and Program with over Php37M worth of projects from 2014-15, the biggest share in Siargao Islands. We just started the 2nd Cycle and we hope to finalize the selection process by December 2015. We thank Team LGU Del Carmen led by Mr Allen Escauso and the KC NCDDP Team of DSWD assigned in Del Carmen with the Barangay Leaders for all the cooperation to make this possible.

In the next few slides, we will be presenting the 20 Barangays and the Infrastructure Programs directly related to disaster mitigation, education, health, and food security. We will also be presenting the recent Del Carmen Liga ng Mga Barangay Benchmarking Activity for the barangay leaders to experience the various programs in the different levels of government in the northern Philippines including the City of Baguio, Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, Department of Health Region III, Province of Pampanga, Municipality of Lubao, Congress of the Philippines, City of Valenzuela, and the Senate of the Philippines.

Construction of Fishermen’s Wharf
Education: 2 Classrooms | NBSFI Library
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015 BAGACAY (ALBURO)
Education: Day Care Center Rehab | 4 Classrooms | JollyBooks Library
Barangay Water System: Level II Gravity Driven
FMR: Bagacay to Sitio Kauyo
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015
Courtesy Call to the Office of the Mayor Mauricio Domogan of Baguio City
Bitoon Water System: Installation of Jetmatic pumps
Education: NBSFI Library
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015 CABUGAO
Education: Day Care Center Rehab | 2 Classrooms | NBSFI Library
Cabugao Water System: Level II Pump Driven
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015
Philippine Military Academy, Baguio City
Courage to Serve | Loyalty to your Country | Integrity of Purpose
Education: 2 Classrooms | NBSFI Library | 6 Classroom
Cancohoy Water System: Level II Gravity Driven
FMR: Cancohoy to Bongdo Road
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015 CAUB
Rehabilitation of Barangay Office
Caub Water System: 4.3M Japanese Embassy | 2M NAPC
Education: 2 Classrooms DEPED | NBSFI Library
Caub JHS: Purchase of Caub JHS Area from Gov Sol | 6 Classrooms from Sen Loren Legarda
Health: BHS Rehabilitation
Port of Caub Rehabilitation (DOTC)
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015
Bencab Museum, Baguio City with visits to other Arts and Heritage Sites
to understand better the role of Arts and Heritage in Tourism
FMR: Punta Kawit (2.5M)
Education: ECCD Building | Day Care Center in Purok 1
NCES: 4 Classrooms from DEPED | 10 Classrooms from Sen Loren Legarda
DCNHS JHS: 3 Classroom Building (Joint with San Jose)
DCNHS SHS: 8 Classrooms from DEPED | 10 Classrooms from Sen Loren Legarda
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015 DUMOYOG
Construction of Evacuation Center
Dumoyog Water System: Rain Harvesting System (50 units)
Education: JollyBooks Library
Port of Dumoyog Rehabilitation (PGO)
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015
Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm with Mr Tony Meloto
as sponsored by Senator Bam Aquino
Construction of Drainage Canal
Education: 5 Classrooms | NBSFI Library
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015 HALIAN
Halian Water System: Rain Harvesting System (100 units) | 1M Water System (NAPC)
Power: 50 Units Household Solar Power | 1,000W for Halian ES by One Meralco
Rehabilitation of Multipurpose Building
Education: 2 Classrooms | JollyBooks Library
Port of Halian: DOTC Light House| Rehabilitation (DOTC)
BHS Rehabilitation
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015
DOH Region III Office of Regional Director Nene Gorgolon
and the World War II War Veterans with our Host Mr Bill Walsh
Jamoya-on Water System: Construction of Intake Box and Reservoir
Education: NBSFI Library
FMR: Sitio Ilihan
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015 KATIPUNAN
Katipunan Water System: Level II gravity driven
Education: 2 Classrooms
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015
Provincial Government of Pampanga with Gov Lilia Pineda includes also the visit to the Municipality of Lubao with Mayor Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab
Education: 4 Classrooms | NBSFI Library
Lobogon Water System: Level II Water System
Health: Construction of Health Center
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015 MABUHAY
Construction of Multipurpose building
Education: 3 Classrooms | JollyBooks Library
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015
Congress of the Philippines including visit to Office of Cong Lalo Matugas, Office of Cong Mark Villar and Congress Library
Construction of Evacuation Center
Education: Day Care Center | 2 Classrooms | NBSFI Library
BHS from PHAP Cares Foundation
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015 QUEZON
Concreting of Barangay Road
JollyBooks Library
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015

Guests of Valenzuela City Opening of their Tax Payer’s Lounge, Police Clearance Office and Sanitation Permit Office,
1.5M DOH funded BHS
Construction of Elevated Reservoir
Education: 2 Classrooms | NBSFI Library
Port of San Fernando Rehabilitation (DOTC)
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015 SAN JOSE
San Jose Evacuation Center (4M)
Fish Landing Program (3M) under BFAR
DCNHS JHS: 3 Classroom Building (Joint with San Jose)
SSCT: 2 Classrooms | 2 Classroms (PBSP)
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015
Courtesy Call to Mayor Rex Gatchalian and Cong Win Gatchalian
of Valenzuela City
ONMHS JHS: 2 Classrooms | 1Classroom
ONMHS SHS: 2 Classrooms
Health: BHS Rehabilitation
Installation of Barangay Street Lights
Education: NBSFI Library
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015 TUBURAN
Tuburan Water System: Rehabilitation of Reservoir
Concreting of Barangay Road
MMMHS: 3 Classrooms from DEPED | 6 Classrooms from Sen Loren Legarda
100K from Gov Sol
Seal of Health Governance: 2014 and 2015
Senate of the Philippines with the Warm Welcome from Sen TG Guingona, Sen Koko Pimentel, and Sen Loren Legarda

These barangay projects listed are only for 2014-2015 with the 2010 to 2014 projects reported in the previous SOMA no longer included. Rest assured that the projects were done with equitable distribution to meet the needs of every barangayanon. As of the Liga ng mga Barangay, thank you for the 10 wonderful days of learning, fun and adventures in governance.

AGRI ECO-TOURISM: (Our Flagship Program to address food security, sustainability and entrepreneurship opportunities)

1. Food Security Program will be revised after 2 years review of the existing program focusing on:
a. People’s Organizations: Developing a mechanism of regular and intensive capacity building as per the result of the evaluation of our Food Security Program by VSO. We are still targeting the transformation of the POs into enterprise setup.
b. Organic Agriculture: The approach to organic agriculture should be about governing organic agriculture based on the best practice results of organic municipalities of the Philippines. DAR recently provided 6.7M worth of Farm Machines to People’s Organizations to the ARC of ELSA Communities.
c. Fisheries Management: Convergence of the programs from various agencies to harmonize the fisheries programs including FishForever, Mangrove Management, Enforcement Activities, etc.

2. ECOTOWN Solutions are slowly finalized in its setup with water sources, energy and waste management.
a. Mangrove Management is being updated to enhance focus on education and as a business driver for Del Carmenons. We are working to expand the mangrove cover with planting of 1200 hectares of mangrove forest and applying the Mangrove Forest as an internationally critical wetland under UN RAMSAR Convention Standards.
b. Del Carmen Watershed Management review will be started to protect the water sources of Del Carmen. Del Carmen Water District operations will be reviewed for possible PPP model for service delivery in consultation with the people. Cacao Plantation is also going as a mitigating measure to stop cutting of trees as livelihood.
c. The Municipal Building of Del Carmen will become one of the first local government buildings running on pure Solar Energy for daytime load thanks to USAID support.
d. Implementation of the Php100M Siargao Solid Waste Management project as funded by ADB and DENR

3. SOCIAL TOURISM Program will be focused on professionalizing the services with the Del Carmen Business and Tourism Council now managing the proposed developments.
a. 2015 Highlights
• Siargao It Up 2014 Weekend
• Barangay Libraries with NBSFI and JollyBooks
• Visit of Arch Bishop Ledesma, SIKAT and Misereor Team
• Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge 2015
• InfoTeach Outreach Program of PLDT
• Visit of Sec Mario Montejo of DOST
• Leadership Journey with Unilab Foundation
• Del Carmen Fiesta Celebration
• Bakhaw Festival 2015
• 5th Del Carmen Health Summit
• Teach for Philippines Del Carmen
• FishForever Program with RARE
• Visits from CNN, UN FAO: HOPYAW and King Crabs of Del Carmen
• Launching of Permanent Exhibits: Mangrove Ecosystem and Philippine Crocodiles
• Philippine Agricultural Journalists Forum

b. Del Carmen Parks Development:
• 200 hectare Del Carmen Mangrove EcoPark
• Del Carmen Marian EcoPark
• Del Carmen Municipal Port and Food Park
• Municipal DormTel and the packages for conferences

c. Strengthen the Tourism Programs to generate business opportunities:
• Events: Bakhaw Festival and Fiesta Celebration, Shore It Up / Siargao It Up 2016, GK Siargao Bayani Challenge 2016
• Trainings: Leadership Journey Programs, Annual Government Conferences in Homestay Setup
• Advertising: Moving Around various provinces and cities to share our experience in Governance

SOCIAL SERVICES: (Special Thanks to the Barangay Captains, Officials and Volunteers)

1. Education Quality Roadmap execution focusing on K to 12 preparation
a. Surigao State College of Technology Del Carmen Campus
• Strengthening the Research Capability of SSCT
• Biodiversity Research Center and Park plan development
• Siargao State of the Art Library

b. DEPED and NCDC Classroom Program in preparation for K to 12 and to improve classroom to student / teacher ratio for better education quality. As introduced in the earlier slides under Community Based Infrastructure Programs, we have different education programs per barangay based on need.

c. Capacity Building:
• School Based Governance Training in alignment with the K to 12 program with Synergeia Foundation and USAID
• Launch a Municipal Wide Reading Program (Mother and Child)
• Continue the Education Caravan of Gov Sol for the children

2. Health Governance Initiatives
a. Successful Del Carmen Health Summit 2015 and Seal of Health Governance 2015.
• 10 Silver Seal of Health Governance Awardees
• 10 Bronze Seal of Health Governance Awardees
• 100% participation of the barangays

b. Focus Improvement Areas:
• Teenage Pregnancy and Family Planning
• Improvement of Management of Medicines
• WAH Utilization for Data Driven Health Programs

c. Improving the Nutrition Programs to address the 0-12 age group

3. Social Protection Programs
a. Senior Citizens and PWDs
b. 4Ps Program
c. Sustainable Livelihood Program

FINANCE AND MONITORING: (Special Thanks to the LGU Department Heads)

1. Continue Finance Management Initiatives:
a. Local Governance Computerization with E-NGAS
b. Barangay Annual Budget Preparation Support. This is a best practice in Budget and Fiscal Management.
c. Improvement in tax and fees collection including ease of doing business with the Business One Stop Shop campaign

2. Fiscal Appropriation. For the 1st time, LGU Del Carmen was able to release 14th month pay and host a retirement program for a retired employee. LGU Del Carmen is now recognized as one of the best revenue contributors in Caraga Region.


These are not all the programs we have implemented as there are more. We had our share of failures but we will rise, learn from our mistakes and be better. To cap it off, we have achieved the following milestones with the strong support of the hardworking Team LGU:

• Semi Finalist, Galing Pook Awards for Health and Education Programs
• Silver Seal of Good Housekeeping from the Department of Interior and Local Government for good governance initiatives for 3 consecutive years (2011, 2012 and 2013)
• 2015 Top 5 Champions of Health Governance by Kaya Natin, DOH and DILG.
• 2014 3rd Most Outstanding Local Government – Municipal Category by National Literacy Council and Department of Education
• 2014 2nd Best Tourism Event – Municipal Category by Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines and Department of Tourism
• Champion for Climate Adaptation for Island Communities in the Asia Pacific Region
• Several Provincial and Regional Recognitions
• 2015 International Recognition: 2015 Lenten Campaign of MISERIOR Germany in all the Catholic Churches and Organizations in Germany is the story of Del Carmen’s Transformation


The last 12 months of public service has been all about collaboration, innovation, and partnerships. I am thankful to all our collaborators, partners, family, friends and supporters. I am thankful to Our Lady of Mt Carmel for guiding us always to do what is right. Yours in public service, Alfredo Matugas Coro II, your Municipal Mayor of Del Carmen, Siargao Islands, Philippines.

Salamat Karajaw sa Ijo Hurot.
Padajon Del Carmen, Padajon Siargao, Padajon Surigao.
Marajaw na Adlaw sa ato tanan.

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