98th Foundation Day

Mayor JR Coro

State of the Municipality Address
 98th Foundation Day
October 20, 2018

Honorable Alfredo Matugas Coro II
Municipal Mayor
Muncipality of Del Carmen
Siargao Islands, Surigao Del Norte


My respect to our Governor Sol Matugas and Congressman Bingo Matugas, Our incoming Governor Lalo Matugas, Vice Governor Jun Egay and Provincial Board, Vice Mayor Oscar Toldo and the Sanguniang Bayan Members, LWUA Administrator Hon Jeci Papus and his team, Barangay Captains and Officials, LGU Department Heads and Staff, Allied Agencies and Partners, DEPED Family, SSCT DC Family, my beloved Senior Citizens and Students, Fr Manny Quiban, Colleagues in government.

I am honored to share this morning as well with my family, Lizabeth Ong – Coro with sons Aj Coro III and Ibarra Lee Coro, my parents Atty Pedoy Gonzales Coro and Incoming Mayor, Engr Baby Matugas Coro, my siblings PCL President Marlon, Tony Boy and Lynlen, my relatives in attendance, friends, ladies and gentlemen good morning.


Let me start by welcoming everyone to the 98th Foundation Day of the Municipality of Del Carmen and my last State of the Municipal Address. It has been an honor and a privilege to have served all Del Carmenons and Del Carmen for the last nine years. Thank you to all Del Carmenons for collaborating with our leadership, our governance and our dreams.

Allow me to extend my respects to our leaders who have made the new image of Del Carmen possible:
Sanguiniang Bayan of Del Carmen
Hon Vice Mayor Oscar Toldo
Hon Walthon Calayag, Hon Constantino Cubillan
Hon Jose Bayang, Hon Kent Angelito Jucay
Hon Judito Donoso, Hon Rex Paitan
Hon Surlida Compasivo, Hon Claro Cariaga
Hon ABC Fidel Gonzales, Hon SK Federated Alfred Alburo

Liga ng Mga Barangay ng Del Carmen
Hon ABC Fidel Gonzales, ABC President and 20 Barangay Captains of Del Carmen

Sangguniang Kabatanaan ng Del Carmen
Hon SK Federated Alfred Alburo, SK Federated President and 20 SK Chairpersons of Del Carmen

We have committed to deliver, with the best of our ability and with very pure intentions, public service that is for the people, needed by the people, and sustained by the people.

I stand before the honorable members of the Sanguniang Bayan of Del Carmen led by the Chairman, Vice Mayor Oscar Toldo to present the state of the municipality after our 2017-2018 years of public service.
Before we proceed, let us be reminded of our vision and mission:
Vision: An active citizenry and competent Government with a sustainable Agri Eco-Tourism driven economy
Mission: To deliver quality social services through community driven development and partnerships.



We have achieved maturity in road network infrastructure and the basic infrastructure needs of our Municipality. We have implemented awarding winning programs in basic public service delivery especially on health, education, and environmental management. We have to start looking towards capitalizing on business returns and investments that will be inclusive.

o 2018, Galing Pook Award
o 2018, 2017, 2016, DILG Seal of Good Local Governance
o 2018, People’s Survival Fund Award for Climate Change Adaptation (Siargao Climate Field School for Farmers and Fisherfolks)
o 2018, DEPED Caraga Outstanding Literacy Program
o 2017, Social Innovation for Health Award (Social Innovation for Health Initiative)
o 2017, TESDA Regional Awardee

We have our seven pillars of sustainable development roadmaps that the local government has been executing for the past 9 years:
a. Education QUality Improvement Program (EQuIP) from Day Care to College
b. Seal of Health Governance Program at the Barangay Level
c. ECOTOWN Siargao it Up! Mangrove Management thru Social Tourism
d. Food Security and Entrepreneurship
e. Pamilyang Del Carmen Social Protection Initiative
f. INVEST in Del Carmen Campaign

I think we have done much but we would not have done it without the support of the Sangguniang Bayan who rose to the challenge of ensuring appropriate legislation can support our unprecedented growth.

1. I am very grateful for the very strong support of the Sanguiniang Bayan for the last 9 years in service to all of you. Let us give our SB Members a round of applause and appreciation.

2. For 2018 alone, the executive department worked closely with the legislative to push for Landmark Ordinances:
a. Organic Agriculture and Fishery Management
b. Waste Management Initiatives
c. Health and Disaster Risk Management
d. Better Fiscal Management and Appropriations
e. Local Economic Enterprise Management
f. Traffic Management and Land Use Planning

3. Our strong executive and legislative collaboration has resulted into various gains in development. We are now working closely on a task force to finally address the possible risks in climate change affecting our water supply in the poblacion growth area and island barangays.


We have always worked with various partners through our partner driven development program or simply “Tambayayong”. In the last 8 years, you have meet some of the biggest corporations and non-government organizations that have stayed and collaborated with us all these times. Our partners from the private sector includes the biggest names in business while our partners in the public sector allowed us direct access to projects in the regional and national level. Allow me this privilege to share this time with our partners in development!

• Education Development Partners
• Health Development Partners
• Environment Management Partners
• Partners In Science And Technology
• National Agency Partners

We have sustained the support of various partners in development with new programs and being endorsed to new potential partners. May I give special mention to some partners:

1. SIKAT who has been with us for the last 6 years capacitating our communities and other communities in neighboring municipalities of Siargao to ensure we have a secure coastal ecosystem.
2. RARE for staying with us in the last 4 years and helped us transform fisheries management. We are now working closely with RARE and Office of Cong Bingo Matugas to cover the whole of Siargao.
3. Teach for Philippines with 5 TFP Fellows in Del Carmen schools and 2 TFP Ambassadors in the Local Government Unit. The innovations in education and program execution in the LGU would not have been possible if not for the TFP support.
4. SHORE IT UP and the MVP group who has always been our partner in almost all areas of engagement especially in education and in the environmental management.
5. SIPLAS PAMB has been a key partner in ensuring balanced ecosystem development is adhered too. With the E-NIPAS Act of 2018 approved by President Duterte, need to collaborate more with SIPLAS PAMB in the implementation of the law.
6. OXFAM-ADB who is now strengthening the resiliency of our urbanizing poblacion and making sure we will grow inclusively and sustainably with focus on water scarcity, commodity management, and waste management.
7. Siargao Island Wildlife Conservation Foundation, Inc whose address is really Del Carmen working with the LGU for the Watershed Management and development of the Siargao Peak Ecotourism Program at Barangay Mahayahay.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very very much to all our partners for being with us all these years.


We take Zero Casualty Seriously. This is not negotiable! Since 2010, we have 0 casualty and let us all work together to maintain this number. November to February is our typhoon season and we must always be prepared.

1. Our Designated Municipal Evacuation Centers and Barangay Evacuation Centers can fully absorb all the residents of our island communities during strong typhoons. We have the following: Del Carmen Convention Center, Municipal Women’s Commercial Center, Municipal Hall I and II, Municipal Gym, Bayay Numancia, Barangay Halls, New Classrooms in DEPED Schools and SSCT

2. We have new rescue truck and ambulance that cater to emergencies and support tourism oriented initiatives with a quick response time with our partnership with the Bureau of Fire.

3. Housing for Families in High Risk Areas: The Gawad Kalinga Village in Lobogon has space left for only 50 more houses to be able to have good space for movement. With the establishment of the private school for the poor in the area, we have ensured the development of the youth of the community.

4. The LGU recently purchased an 11 hectare property that is an option to be developed as another site to the poor have dignity in their homes. Planning will soon start on how we can maximize the property to also mitigate potential issue of displacement of a growing economy.

5. From 2019, LGU Del Carmen will allocate its funds in preparation for Climate Changes as per science based studies of longer drought season between 3 to 6 months in the next 20 years:
a. Radio Communications for better responses to issues and coverage of underserved areas
b. Water Tanks that can be used during drought spells normally from July to August every year
c. Supply of Generator Sets and Search Lights to all barangays as part of their reward for the Seal of Health Governance 2016-2017

6. Public Communications:
a. Our Social Media site (Facebook: Municipality of Del Carmen) is very active that its voice and venue is used by the local government recognizes it as part of its governing space
b. Radyo Kabakhawan 97.7 DXNG-FM is on its rehabilitation stage by will be redeveloped to establish its own building and tower catering to the whole of Siargao for Disaster Risk Management communication


Our President has believe that there will be no sustainable development without ensuring peace and order in our community thus the local government has responded to this call.

1. Fight Against Drugs is our #1 Priority and has resulted to PNP Del Carmen’s claim of clearing out 18/20 barangays. We are working closely with PDEA to also clear out the barangay on the PDEA criteria.
2. Maritime Police, BFAR Quick Response Team and the Philippine Navy are key partners in ensuring our Municipal Waters are well protected with includes the apprehension of the key personalities and illegal commercial fishing operators

3. We recently inaugurated the new Del Carmen PNP Building.
a. We are also working now with the PNP to establish the Siargao Support Group in Del Carmen to help engage all PNP groups under one program for Del Carmen and Siargao with a preferred location in Barangay Antipolo.
b. The strengthening of the BPAT will be an annual activity we agreed to support as key multiplier for barangay peace keeping efforts with our limited PNP Personnel. Petty thefts that have been reported recently will be taken seriously with proposal to lower criminality to age 12 or 13 years old.

4. BFP has transformed itself as a key partner in Disaster Management and Rescue offering the extension support for the 24×7 operations. We are now working with BFP to establish a new BFP Emergency Response Unit with Emergency Medicine Team to be strategically located in Barangay Antipolo.

5. In our fight against terror, we official support the proposed localized peace talks as started by Governor Sol Matugas. We are also strengthening the support from 30th Infantry Batallion of the Philippine Army with the establishment of a separate CAFGU Camp near the Airport as a key support measure for Airport Security against terrorism.


1. Del Carmen Road Network. Ongoing is the construction of the following access road network with the support from President Rodrigo Duterte through Cong Bingo Matugas and Gov Sol Matugas. I hope you can see the Yellow Lines!
a. Cancohoy to Bongdo, San Benito
b. Cauyo, Cancohoy to Bongdo, San Benito
c. Sayak to Mahayahay to Datu, Pilar
d. Bagacay to Mahayahay
e. Mahayahay to Tuboran
f. Lobogon to Tuboran
g. Tuboran to Maasin, Pilar
h. Quezon to Mabini, Pilar
i. Katipunan to Esperanza via Katsawan
j. Del Carmen to Mabuhay via Del Carmen Municipal Complex
k. San Fernando to Sayak
l. Domoyog to San Fernando

2. Connecting San Fernando And Dumoyog is critical initiative to improve access of public services and investment
a. Sayak to San Fernando Mangrove Boardwalk
b. Punta Baluarte Development with the Marian Park
c. Del Carmen Fish Landing Site
d. Del Carmen Legislated MultiSpecie Hatchery (only 1 of 2 in the Philippines that was approved for immediate implementation)

3. Protecting Our Shores from Storm Surges
a. Ongoing is the development of seawall for San Jose, San Fernando and Caub.
b. We have completed the seawall construction for Del Carmen but this will again be improved by Department of Transportation.
c. Halian Port is under negotiation for design given that the whole of Halian will be declared as a Marine Protected Area per barangay resolution.

4. Siargao Domestic Airport Improvement Plan
a. The Siargao Domestic Airport in Sayak, has a maximum of 12 flights a day coming from Cebu, Manila, Davao and Clark. Soon we will have direct flights from Puerto Princesa and Boracay.
b. The Siargao Domestic Airport is now considered the busiest airport in CARAGA Region surpassing Butuan City Airport.
c. Siargao is now hitting the 1M tourist barrier and a target to double by 2019!


• Construction of 3 School Classrooms
• 2018 National Finalist for Barangay Sanitary Practice
• Completed Covered Court
• Ongoing Antipolo Irrigation System Development
• Construction of 400lm Concrete Pavement
• Completed Covered Court
• Ongoing Bagacay Irrigation System
• Construction and Installation of Electric Power Street Light
• Completed Covered Court
• Ongoing Barangay Road Concreting CABUGAO
• Construction and Installation of 35 Units Electric Power Street Light
• Completed Covered Court
• Construction of 75 Units Electric Power Streetlight
• Completed Covered Court
• Ongoing Construction of Multi-Purpose Building CAUB
• Construction of 4 School Classrooms
• Completed Covered Court
• Ongoing Construction of Multi-Purpose Building
• Construction of 2 NCES School Classrooms
• Completed Covered Court
• Completed Rehabilitation of the Dinakpan Gym
• Completed Municipal Road Concreting
• Ongoing Punta Kawit FMR DOMOYOG
• Completed Covered Court
• Ongoing Construction of Concrete Mangrove Boardwalk
• Ongoing Water System Project
• Construction of 65 Units Electric Power Streetlight
• Completed Covered Court HALIAN
• Completed Covered Court
• Ongoing Fund acquisition to establish a 24×7 Electricity and Homestay Program in Halian with EU Grant in cooperation with SIARELCO, ILAW and WWF
• HALIAN Governance Day with Go Share and National Bookstore Foundation this November 10, 2018. The Biggest Mission supported by the Philippine Airforce in this part of the Philippines
• Construction and Installation of 50 Units Electric Power Street Light
• Completed Covered Court
• Completed Jamoyaon Irrigation System KATIPUNAN
• Construction of 260 meters Drainage Canal
• Completed Covered Court
• Completed Rehabilitation of Barangay Hall
• Ongoing Barangay Road Concreting
• Construction of 60 Units Electric Power Streetlight
• Completed Covered Court
• Completed Rehabilitation of Barangay Hall
• Road and Drainage Development of the GK Village MABUHAY
• Constructions of Barangay Health Station
• Completed Covered Court
• Completed Municipal Slaughterhouse
• Ongoing Water System Project
• Construction and Installation of 50 Units Electric Power Street Light
• Completed Covered Court
• Ongoing Barangay Road Concreting QUEZON
• 2018 National Finalist for 4Ps Program Implementation
• Completed Covered Court
• Completed Rehabilitation of Barangay Hall
• Ongoing Barangay Road Concreting
• Construction of 2 School Classrooms
• Construction of 30-Units Electric Power Streetlight
• Completed Covered Court
• Ongoing Water System Project SAN JOSE
• Construction and Installation Electric Power Street Light
• Completed Covered Court
• Completed Rehabilitation of Barangay Hall
• Ongoing Municipal Road Concreting
• Construction of Concrete Pathway
• Completed Covered Court
• Ongoing Rehabilitation of Barangay Hall TUBURAN
• Construction and Installation of 45 Units Electric Power Street Light
• Completed Covered Court
• Rehabilitation of the Barangay Hall
• Ongoing Barangay Road Concreting
• Tuboran Flood Control System

These barangay projects listed are only for 2017-2018 with the 2010 to 2016 projects reported in the previous SOMA no longer included. So far, we have done more than 100 small to medium projects in all barangays of Del Carmen completing several key public utilities and infrastructures. Rest assured that the projects were done with equitable distribution to meet the needs of every barangayanon. Salamat karajaw sa tanan Barangay Captains, Barangay Kagawads, Barangay Officials and Volunteers for all the support.


1. ECOTOWN Environmental Program with its flagship Siargao It Up! Del Carmen Mangrove Management Program was judged one of the best local governance innovations in the country by the Galing Pook Awards. Our conservation first approach to eco-tourism has transformed out community into a very strong local economy.

2. Solid Waste Management Programs
a. Collection got a boost with the 2 new garbage trucks covering the areas of poblacion, seaports, tourism and airport. Regular Coastal and Community CleanUp is encouraged for all schools and offices.
b. The education program is done on a per classroom and per barangay level generating tremendous support from stakeholders with all high school students have water bottles and schools setting up water stations.
c. We will also be implement a NO SINGLE PLASTIC Policy and Strict Segregation Policy to ensure we will be able to maintain the beauty of Del Carmen
d. In our partnership with ADB-OXFAM, LGU Del Carmen will be acquiring the Mobile Material Recovery Facility that will move from barangay to barangay

3. Marine Protected Area and Coastal Resources Program currently in Caub and San Fernando is protected by our Bantay Dagat and new areas for MPAs will soon include Halian and Cabugao.

4. Coral Reef and Sea Grass Development Program is an ongoing initiative of LGU Del Carmen with various partner groups to ensure coastal resource recovery is done.
a. Coral Reef Visualization and Assessment (CoRVA)
b. Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Management Program (CMEMP)
c. Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structure
d. Artificial Coral Reefs


We have declared that Del Carmen is the Social Tourism Capital of Siargao Islands as a branding strategy away from Surfing and Ecotourism marketing of other destinations in Siargao.

1. Sugba Lagoon and the Kangbangyo Islands beaches are NOW key destination in Siargao and the Philippines.
a. Sugba Lagoon Tour Operations
b. Visits to Kawhagan Beach and Pamumuan Beach for lunch
c. Isla Verde Sand Bar
d. Midway Snorkeling Area

2. Del Carmen Mangrove Wetland Forest Tours
a. Mangrove Forest View Deck and River Tours are available
b. SOON!!! Del Carmen Mangrove 2Kilometer Boardwalk Bicycle Tours
c. SOON!!! Mangrove Forest Night Tours

3. SOON!!! Numancia Heritage Tours
a. Marian Park and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Del Carmen
b. SOON!!! Bayay Numancia Family Museum
c. SOON!!! Siargao Peak ATV Tours in Mahayahay

4. Annual Del Carmen Tourism Events
a. Annual Town Fiesta and Bakhaw Festival Celebration every July
b. Siargao International Marathon Run for the Mangroves every July
c. Bakhaw Pintal Ka Da Best every October
d. SOON!!! Illuminating Christmas at Del Carmen


1. Organic Agriculture with the Agriculture Enterprise Leadership and Governance Program with SEAOIL Foundation. The focus will be on Family Farms to be piloted in 10 barangays with 4 families and the school’s Gulayan sa Paaralan

2. The Municipal Agriculture and Fisheries Office proposed full machination setup for our farms given the scarcity of the available manpower. Currently we have farm tractors for tilling of our fields, areas for drying our produce and rice / corn mills around Del Carmen. For 2019, we are planning to acquire an Automated Multi Crop Harvester as another public enterprise for use of our farmers with a plan to also acquire the automated multicrop planter by the following year.

3. Ongoing construction and program development of the Siargao Climate Field School for Farmers and Fisherfolks with Surigao State College of Technology – Del Carmen Campus. This is one of the four projects in the Philippines funded by the People’s Survival Fund Program for Climate Adaptation. The recent successful professional examination of our Agricultural Technician graduate from SSCT is a glimpse of hope of food security for Del Carmen and Siargao.


1. Ongoing implementation is the Fishery Management through Managed Access setup for Marine Protected Areas and Bantay Dagat Protection of the Municipal Waters versus Commercial Fishing with RARE’s Pride Campaign. With an initial focus on Del Carmen Fisherfolks and MPA areas of Caub and San Fernando, the program will now be expanded to cover the whole of Siargao Islands.

2. Del Carmen is only 1 of 2 sites for the Legislated Multi Specie Hatchery Program to be approved in the Philippines. Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources with SEAFDEC has endorsed the proposed site in Barangay San Fernando and will soon start the development of the area. This will be the only hatchery to support fish fingerlings and other high value marine species needed by Siargao Islands and for export purposes.

3. The Municipal Agriculture and Fisheries Office have been aggressively promoting our local produce and agriculture based products to various locations including the Siargao’s Best Products and Surigao’s Best Products display areas especially for dried fish products and the Del Carmen King Crabs.


Education Quality Roadmap (Project EQuIP) LGU Del Carmen’s Program is resulted into the Best Literacy and Education Program in CARAGA Region over the past six years. The annual summer reading program in all barangays is hailed as one of the best literacy summer engagements and a strong leadership program for the youth. The partnership with SSCT Del Carmen Campus, have resulted to a SUC Level III certification qualifying the college to become a University.

1. Surigao State College of Technology Del Carmen Campus
a. Free Tuition for All Students from President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
b. Completion of the Del Carmen RIS-ICT Centers and 30 Computer Units with some RIS Entrepreneurs now dollar earners right here in Del Carmen
c. Completion of 4 Classrooms for Senior High Students
d. Ongoing construction of the Siargao Climate Field School for Farmers and Fisherfolks
e. 2019 Funding Support: 15M Learning Center, 200 Capacity Dormitory and 16 Classroom Academic Center, Radyo Kabakhawan Tower and Center
f. Linkages to various partners and donors

2. Alternative Learning System
a. Training and StartUp Program graduating 250++ learners with start up kits
b. Annual Reading Municipal Wide Summer Reading Program with Day Care Teachers and Teacher-Students with DOLE SPES Babies
c. Regular TESDA Training covering construction skills development and tourism

3. High School Support
a. Classroom Support through KC NCDDP Program, DPWH and DEPED
b. School Supplies to all 2,100++ High Students of all 6 High Schools in Del Carmen from Latter Day Saints Charities and Alagang Kapatid Foundation
c. Transport Services to High Schools with Bikes for the Philippines
d. Junior Environmental Scouts Program for High Schools

4. Elementary School Support
a. Classroom Support through KC NCDDP Program, DPWH and DEPED
b. Setup of School Based Libraries in all 19 Schools with National Bookstore Foundation
c. School Supplies and Slippers for all 4000+ Elementary Students of Del Carmen
d. Education Caravan of Governor Sol Matugas Kindergarten students

5. Day Care Center Support
a. Rehabilitation for 10 Day Care Centers
b. Construction of Sayak, San Jose and Mahayahay Day Care Centers
c. Reading Carts Library for all 25 Day Care Centers of Del Carmen
d. Bean Bag Program for Parents of Day Care Center Students


1. Allow me first to congratulate our champions in Health Governance with 12 Barangays being honored during the Regional Health and Sanitation Summit. Their support and commitment to meeting the standards of the Seal of Health Governance has paved the way towards a healthier community.

2. Our Program on Nutrition with our Barangay Nutrition Scholars has drastically reduced our malnutrition issues to single digits.
a. To further ensure a healthier community, we have focused our concerns on issues of stunting and the 1st 1000 days of the child.
b. School Based Feeding program with DEPED and Cong Bingo Matugas will be done
c. Day Care Feeding Program will continue as supported by the DSWD

3. LGU Del Carmen is part of the Siargao Cuban Health System Pilot Program that is ongoing in its implementation
a. 6M for the rehabilitation of Del Carmen District Hospital as it will be converted to Del Carmen Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center covering areas of the Bakhaw Interlocal Health Zone of Del Carmen, San Benito and Santa Monica
b. New Doctor from Manila will be assigned to Del Carmen District Hospital
c. We will continue to implement our Health Governance Program with Priority on Drug Rehabilitation Support and Management for Drug Surrenderees as mandated by the President

4. LGU Del Carmen’s Seal of Health Governance was hailed as one of the best social innovations for health by the World Health Organization and as Bridging Leaders of Health by ZFF Family Foundation. Congratulations to Team RHU led by Dr Marjory Vizconde, Barangay Health Workers and the Barangay Captains for making Del Carmen known in the National Scene as people who genuinely care for their people.


Social Protection Convergence Program is our way of strengthening the people to benefit from all our gains. We will bring all the government financing institutions closer to the people with lower rates for pension, insurance, medical care, business financing, training, other forms of assistance. We will grow inclusively and we will grow for every Del Carmenon benefiting from our growth.

1. Social Protection Program Partners
a. Identification with Fish Forever Card and Civil Registry. This will soon be replaced by the National ID System
b. Lower Rates for Government Financial Institutions Pension and Accident Support: SSS, Pag-Ibig, PhilHealth, and Red Cross
c. Welfare and Response: Local, Provincial and National Social Services Offices for 4Ps Enrollment, Medical, Transport and Burial Assistance for Indigent Families
d. Education and Skills Development: CHED (SSCT-DC), DEPED (Senior High School Program) and TESDA
e. Employment: LGU Del Carmen will strengthen the Public Employment and Services Office to ensure job matching opportunities with the growth of Del Carmen

2. Senior Citizen’s Sector
a. Senior Citizens Pension from the National Government. During claim, we have beauty corner setup to provide comfort to our Senior Citizens
b. Completed the Rehabilitation of the Senior Citizens Center
c. Annual Celebration of the Senior Citizens Day

3. Persons with Disabilities Sector
a. PWD Pension from the National Government.
b. Wheelchairs and other forms of Mobility Support with Cong Bingo Matugas
c. Working now with MSDWO on SPED Setup for Del Carmen

4. Youth Sector
d. The youth sector will now be led by the Sangguniang Kabataan Chairpersons per Barangay. Results of the Del Carmen Youth Camp last May 2018 was already endorsed to the SK Chairs for their response
e. Training of Youth Leaders is scheduled this coming November 6-7, 2018 with the Kaya Natin Youth Leadership Academy


Special Thanks to the LGU Department Heads for austerity and focus on the best gains for all Del Carmenons.

1. Barangay Annual Budget Preparation Support. This is a best practice in Budget and Fiscal Management for the barangay as recognized by the Department of Budget and Management.

2. Ongoing improvement in our Automation Efforts for all transactions to improve collection management and security. Our accountant was recently hailed by the Commission on Audit with a very high regard on government financial management.

3. The much coveted Seal of Good Local Governance was again achieved by the Local Government Unit of Del Carmen making it 3 years in a row. 2018 is the hardest to achieve due to the “All-In” policy of the Department of Interior and Local Government. This means the LGU must pass all criteria set forth for the SGLG. Congratulations to all of Team LGU Del Carmen for the countless sleepless nights, stress and dedication. Special mention to our active SGLG Focal Person Sir Romy Lao Singuan, MLGOO Cris Virtudazo, Municipal Engineer Rolando Ruaya and MENRO Gina Barquilla for making the impossible, possible.

4. Our Municipal Public Enterprise has greatly contributed to our Local Income stream with a less than 500K in 2010 to hopefully hitting between 10M to 15M for 2018. Local revenue will focused on improving the social protection program of the local government.

5. All these efforts in governance led to the decrease of our Poverty Incidence from 59% in 2010 to 41.1% by this time with direct impact on their household income increase.


Del Carmen is now riped for sustained development through investments and hopefully Del Carmenons to be the first investors to benefit from all these transformation. So allow me to call upon everyone to invest in small, medium or large business to complement our growth and development.

1. The Numancia Central Mall is positioned to for our poblacion to claim as a secondary trading center option for northern Siargao (Del Carmen, San Benito, Santa Monica, San Isidro, Burgos, Pilar). We have 46 Stalls with a few more slots open to cater to all the needs of the tourists and visiting locals.

2. The Kangbangyo Island Development with the opening of Kawhagan Beach, Pamomoan Beach, Isla Verde Sand Bar and Midway Islet to complement Sugba Lagoon Experience has generated much interest. We are encouraging others to open and operate their beach areas as well.

3. Siargao Transport Access to Seaport of Del Carmen and Siargao Domestic Airport (Del Carmen) has attracted new investors:
a. Sea craft with the fiber glass boats and improved boat designs
b. New Routes of Air Transport: Davao to Siargao and Clark to Siargao
c. More Vans / MultiCabs owned by locals used for tour operations

4. Improvement in ease of doing business has resulted in new interests to build Business Hotels within Del Carmen due to our proximity to the Siargao Domestic Airport and offering of places of interests. Our program with LOGIC Network for integrity in doing business will open more opportunities for partnerships in business and development.

5. At the heart of all of these developments are the basic utilities such as Electricity, Communications and Water, of with the most important component is water availability. LGU Del Carmen has been working closely with the Del Carmen Water District and recently with the Local Water Utilities Authority to improve water services to our consumers and businesses. We have the commitment of support from LWUA as long as can get the DCWD to fast track all its documentary requirements for the immediate release of the remains from the grant for our water source development and additional interest free loan for the further improvement of the water quality.


This is my 7th and last State of the Municipal Address. For the last 8 years, we all worked hard to ensure opportunities for everyone and a degree of certainty for the next generation. We look forward that in 2 years or 2020, a proud Del Carmenon will celebrate the 100th year of Del Carmen as a Municipality with their trust in government, in their community, in their future.

If you allow me some more of your time, let me share a piece of my principles that have kept me grounded all these years:


LGU Del Carmen is one of the most recognized local governments for good governance in the entire country. Our efforts paved the way to various funding institutions and now businesses to trust us and our ability to collaborate with their organization for mutual benefits. Our story of transformation excited many that we have been invited many times in both local and international venues to share our experience. I agreed to a few as I always remind our partners that my place is with Del Carmenons to do action. Most recent are China International Fisheries Forum, Asia Pacific Adaptation Network with the Government of Palau, Philippine National Health Research Forum, National Education Summit and the University of the Philippines Forum.


Our governance programs focused much on education and health as these are the only channels that will allow us to ensure that our values and heritage can be passed from one generation to the next for us to still have the Del Carmen Values that has made us uniquely Del Carmenon. Education for all and Health so that all can be educated! To me, the most important aspect of growth and development is to be able to retain our values and protect our heritage, for if we lose those, we lose the purpose of being here in this world.


As a devotee to our Lady of Mount Carmel, I make it a point to share an intimate moment with her every month. It is during those moments thru some divine work of God that some innovative ideas would suddenly appear, an AHA! moment. Probing though my thoughts and verifying through consultations, we suddenly have a realistic working public service program. When in doubt, pray.. when in despair, pray.. when in glory, pray.. when in triumph, pray..


It has been a large sacrifice for my family for the last 8 years that my son thinks that a regular family setup has the father always works far away and coming home only for a few days sometimes hours. But it is their love and understanding that if we do governing the right way, we can walk anywhere in Del Carmen with a head up high, without fear but with dignity to warrant a smile if we see each other as I walk by.

I am thankful to all our collaborators, partners, family, friends and supporters. I am thankful to Our Lady of Mt Carmel for guiding us always to do what is right. I am and will always be your relative, your friend and your public servant. It has been my great honor and privilege to have served all of you.

Yours in public service, Alfredo Matugas Coro II, still your Municipal Mayor of Del Carmen, Siargao Islands, Philippines.

Salamat Karajaw sa Ijo Hurot.
Padajon Del Carmen, Padajon Siargao, Padajon Surigao.
Marajaw na Adlaw sa ato tanan.

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