97th Adlaw ng Del Carmen SOMA

Mayor's CornerState of the Municipality Address
97nd Adlaw ng Del Carmen
October 20, 2017

Honorable Alfredo Matugas Coro II
Municipal Mayor
Muncipality of Del Carmen
Siargao Islands, Surigao Del Norte


My respect to our Governor Sol Matugas and Congressman Bingo Matugas, The Leader of Modern Siargao – Governor / Congressman Lalo Matugas, Vice Governor Jun Egay and Provincial Board, Vice Mayor Oscar Toldo and the Sangguniang Bayan Members, Barangay Captains and Officials, LGU Department Heads and Staff, Allied Agencies and Partners, DEPED Family, SSCT DC Family, my beloved Senior Citizens and Students, Fr Manny Quiban, Colleagues in government.

I am honored to share this morning as well with my family, Lizabeth Ong – Coro with sons Aj Coro III and Ibarra Lee Coro, my parents Atty Pedoy Gonzales Coro and Engr Baby Matugas Coro, my siblings PCL President Marlon, Tony Boy and Lynlen, my relatives in attendance, friends, ladies and gentlemen good morning.


Let me start by welcoming everyone to the 97th Foundation Day of the Municipality of Del Carmen. In 3 years or by October 2020, our beloved town will be a 100 years old, and we have worked hard to showcase a government and community by the people, of the people and for the people. This is the Bag-Ong Del Carmen! For this honor and privilege, I will always put public service above self, and to serve and not to be served. Thank you to all Del Carmenons for collaborating with our leadership, our governance and our dreams.

Allow me to extend my respects to our leaders who have made this symbol of Bag-Ong Del Carmen possible:
Sangguniang Bayan of Del Carmen
Hon Vice Mayor Oscar Toldo
Hon Walthon Calayag, Hon Constantino Cubillan
Hon Jose Bayang Hon, Kent Angelito Jucay
Hon Judito Donoso, Hon Rex Paitan
Hon Surlida Compasivo, Hon Claro Cariaga
Hon ABC Nesifora Escanan, 20 Barangay Captains of Del Carmen

We commit to deliver, with the best of our ability and with very pure intentions, public service that is for the people, needed by the people, and sustained by the people.
I stand before the honorable members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Del Carmen led by the Chairman, Vice Mayor Oscar Toldo to present the state of the municipality after our 2016-2017 years of public service.

Before we proceed, let us be reminded of our vision and mission:

Vision: An active citizenry and competent Government with a sustainable Agri Eco-Tourism driven economy
Mission: To deliver quality social services through community driven development and partnerships.


We have reached a rubicon.. a very positive rubicon with most of the basic infrastructures needed by our Municipality almost complete and with awarding winning programs in basic public service delivery. We are at a point were public service cannot simply be words but positive actions that will impact the current and future generations. We cannot turn back now and agree on small goals for Del Carmen has always been meant to be big and great.

Together, we have shared in the progress and development of our municipality with the support of our partners in the public, non-government organizations and private sectors.

We have our five pillars of sustainable development roadmaps that the local government has been executing for the past 4 years:
a. Project EQuIP (Education QUality Improvement Program)
b. Health Governance Program
c. ECOTOWN Environmental Program
d. Food Security Roadmap
e. Social Tourism Program Development

LGU Del Carmen executed the programs with sole objective of decreasing the poverty incidence, increase the capacity and capability for people to find better opportunities, and to ensure balanced ecosystem development of the community.

• Project EQuIP: LGU Del Carmen’s Program is resulted into the 4th Best Literacy and Education Governance Program in the Philippines for 2016 and also its Day Care Initiative resulted into LGU Del Carmen being one of the recognized Champions of Early Childhood Care Development. SSCT Del Carmen Campus is on track to become a very strong college with the collaboration of LGU Del Carmen and the SSCT Del Carmen Campus Family. Thanks to the DEPED Family, SSCT Del Carmen Campus and the Day Care Workers for all the work in ensuring we have quality Education.

• Health Governance Program: LGU Del Carmen’s Seal of Health Governance is now recognized in 9 of the 14 regions of the Country and was awarded the Top 5 Champions for Health Governance in 2015 and DOH Health Champion in 2016. Congratulations to Team RHU led by Dr Marjory Vizconde, Barangay Health Workers and the Barangay Captains for making Del Carmen known in the National Scene as people who genuinely care for their people.

• ECOTOWN Environmental Program: ECOTOWN approach to development allowed new partners to explore gaps in our targets for a more balanced ecosystem. Our Mangrove Management Program wit SIKAT and DENR is now nationally recognized with reduction in mangrove cutting and increasing marine resource availability. RARE and BFAR contributed to the development of our Fisheries Program which has resulted in a massive turnaround of fish stock availability, reduction in illegal fishing practices and increased the moral of our 2000++ fisherfolks.

• Food Security Roadmap: We continue to support several livelihood initiatives but we are now working on a more inclusive and partner driven approach to develop stronger people’s organizations and social enterprises. On the Local Government side, we are now strengthening the Local Economic Enterprise Program that will partner with local suppliers for better market access and positioning.

• Social Tourism Program Development: The brand value of Siargao It Up is now recognized all over the country especially with the success of the 1st Siargao International Marathon: Run for the Mangroves last July 2017. And who has not known or praised our SUGBA LAGOON! Our community based tourism initiative has made the lagoon a regular feature in tourism articles and landing in front covers of various magazines.


1. I am very grateful for the very strong support of the Sangguniang Bayan for the programs of the executive department hastening the process of transformation of Del Carmen. Let us give our SB Members a round of applause and appreciation.
2. From 2017 the executive will work closely with the legislative to push for Landmark Ordinances:
a. Execution of Managed Access Ordinance for Marine Protected Areas and the Comprehensive Municipal Fisheries Ordinance
b. Execution of the approved 10 year Solid Waste Management Plan
c. Annual Appropriations (No Repeat Budget)
d. People’s Organization and Local Economic Enterprise Management Ordinance
e. Organic Agriculture Ordinance
f. Support for the Kalahi CIDDS Program


We take Zero Casualty Seriously. This is not negotiable! Since 2010, we have 0 casualty and let us all work together to maintain this number. November to February is our typhoon season and we must always be prepared.

1. Development of DRR Facilities:
a. Ongoing development of Municipal Evacuation Center and Barangay Evacuation Centers
i. Completed the Del Carmen Convention Center (First Fully Airconditioned Convention Hall in Siargao)
ii. Completed the Municipal Women’s Commercial Center
iii. Ongoing is 30M National Government Agencies Building and Evacuation Center (Municipal Building Phase II)
iv. Ongoing is 12M Municipal Evacuation Center (Municipal Site)
v. Ongoing is 15M Rehabilitation of the Old Municipal Building
vi. Ongoing rehabilitation of the Landbank Building into a Municipal Legislative Building
b. Housing for Families in High Risk Areas
i. 60 Houses courtesy of LBC Foundation and Berjaya Group is almost done
ii. Ongoing is the 12M Land Development of Gawad Kalinga Pangarap Village Phase 1 from NHA

2. Public Communications:
a. Radyo Kabakhawan 97.7 DXNG-FM is now on its permanent location in SSCT with a stronger capacity and wider range to better manage Disaster Risk Management
b. Our Social Media site (Facebook: Municipality of Del Carmen) was tapped by the Presidential Communications and Operations Office in recognition to the influence of our site for government related updates

3. Managing Peace and Order
a. Fight Against Drugs is our #1 Priority and the our aggressive approach has led to the capture of several drug dealers and will continue to apprehend more. With PNP, PDEA, TESDA and the provincial government, we will continue to support the rehabilitation and skills development of drug surrenderees.
b. BFP is duly recognized for its efforts to address issue on fire and their role in disaster mitigation not only in Del Carmen but also in nearby municipalities.
c. Our latest partnership with Maritime Police to increase patrolling and apprehension of illegal fishers will help sustain our current gains in protecting our seas

4. Partnership Driven Development:
a. We have sustained the support of various partners in development with new programs and being endorsed to new potential partners. Our partners from the private sector includes the biggest names in business while our partners in the public sector allowed us direct access to projects in the regional and national level
b. May I give special mention to some partners:
i. SIKAT who has been with us for the last 5 years capacitating our communities and other communities in neighboring municipalities of Siargao to ensure we have a secure ecosystem.
ii. RARE for staying with us in the last 3 years and help us transform fisheries management and their commitment to expand the program to cover the whole of Siargao.
iii. Teach for Philippines with 3 TFP Fellows currently in teaching grades 4-6 in Numancia Central Elementary School and TFP Ambassadors joining directly LGU Del Carmen the Food Security Program. Our TFP partnership has resulted in the Del Carmen Youth Club, Pens for Hope PH and equipment for both the school and the students.


1. Improving Accessibility to Del Carmen
a. In partnership with Gov Sol, Cong Lalo and Cong Bingo, we have completed all the secondary national roads from Del Carmen to Dapa (via Bitoon), to San Isidro (via Cancohoy) and San Benito (via Mabuhay), to Pilar (via Antipolo). We have also started the expansion of roads in anticipation of the growth and development of Siargao Islands and the role of Del Carmen in its development.
b. With the direct support from President Duterte, we soon start San Fernando to Sayak viaduct connection with a current funding of 95M, while working to secure funding for the concreting of Cancohoy to San Benito (via Bondgo), Sayak to Pilar (via Mahayahay, San Roque), Bagacay to Mahayahay, Mahayahay to Tuboran and Lobogon to Tuboran
c. Ongoing is the Seawall constructions for Del Carmen while we are also working to secure funding for the development of the Seawall for San Jose, San Fernando and Caub while waiting for the revised plans for Halian.
d. With the Funding from the National Government through the Assistance to Disadvantage Municipalities and DILG, LGU Del Carmen focused all its funds towards concreting of all poblacion roads to ensure mobility in our center of trade. For 2017, we have 9M and for 2018, approximately 13M covering both Del Carmen and San Jose.
e. With the new direct flight from Manila with Skyjet and the entry of PAL via Cebu this coming December 2017, Siargao Domestic Airport will become a very busy airport expecting to have at least 5-6 flights a day on peak seasons. New services includes the DBP ATM, a GOWIFI from Globe and Food Establishments.

2. With the Support of President Rodrigo Duterte, LGU Del Carmen is one of the very few local government units in the Philippines with extra funding downloaded directly to our municipality.
a. 37M for the Construction of the New Del Carmen Commercial Center and 20M for the Construction of the New Public Wet Market. With the 2 infrastructure located in the Tourism and Port Area, this location will now become a convergence area not only for Del Carmen but for neighboring municipalities a well.
b. 3M for the Construction of the New Slaughterhouse to be located in Mabuhay as advised by DA to manage public health
c. To improve safety for everyone near the port of Del Carmen, a new 30M Seawall is currently being constructed.

3. Community Driven Infrastructure Program was made through the KC – NCDDP Partnership and Program from 2015 to 2017. We just started the Tier II and the positive results of the National Evaluation resulted in new rounds of grants. In the next few slides, we will be presenting the 20 Barangays and the Infrastructure Programs directly related to disaster mitigation, education, health, and food security.

A new 4M Covered Court
Health: 2016 Awardee of DOH for Sanitary Practice and Seal of Health Governance 2017
Antipolo Irrigation System from NIA

Completed Bagacay FMR Concreting
Completed Bagacay Irrigation System
Construction of Concrete Pathway
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction of 1 Unit 2 Classroom School Building
Construction and Installation of Electric Power Street Light
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction of 1 Unit 2 Classroom School Building
Construction and Installation of 35 Units Electric Power Street Light
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction of 1 Unit Barangay Multi-Purpose Building
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction of 1 Unit 2 Classroom School Building
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction and Installation of 98 Units Electric Power Street Light
Ongoing Punta Kawit (2.5M)
Rehabilitation of the existing Dinakpan Multipurpose Building
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction of Foot Bridge
A new 4M Covered Court

Completed the Esperanza Drainage System
Equipment for the Esperanza BHS
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction of Port of Halian
A new 4M Covered Court

Completed Ilihan FMR Concreting
Completed Jamoyaon Irrigation System
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction and Installation of 50 Units Electric Power Street Light

Construction and Installation of 42 Units Electric Power Street Light
Equipment for the Katipunan BHS
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction of 1 Unit 2 Classroom School Building
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction and Installation of 13 Units Electric Power Street Light
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction and Installation of 50 Units Electric Power Street Light
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction of Barangay Health Station
Construction of 1 Unit 2 Classroom School Building
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction of Concrete Pathway
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction of 1 Unit 2 Classroom School Building (SSCT)
Construction and Installation Electric Power Street Light
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction of Concrete Pathway
A new 4M Covered Court

Construction and Installation of 45 Units Electric Power Street Light
A new 4M Covered Court

These barangay projects listed are only for 2016-2017 with the 2010 to 2015 projects reported in the previous SOMA no longer included. Rest assured that the projects were done with equitable distribution to meet the needs of every barangayanon. Salamat karajaw sa tanan Barangay Captains, Barangay Kagawads, Barangay Officials and Volunteers for all the support.

AGRI ECO-TOURISM: (Our Flagship Program to address food security, sustainability and entrepreneurship opportunities)

1. Food Security Program direction will be focus on policy while livelihood support will continue:
a. Institutionalization of programs through People’s Organizations and Social Enterprise Mechanism Ordinances. 2 Social Enterpreneurs will start their work soon: Hofer Devt Corp for the Copra and Cacao, and Agrea for other agricultural endeavors
b. Setup of the Local Economic Enterprises as venue for trade and convergence of products and services
c. Strengthening the Fisheries Management, Marine Protected Areas and Mangrove Management Program for Marine Resources

2. ECOTOWN programs will focus on fisheries, mangrove and waste management.
a. Mangrove Management Program is getting massive support from DENR for the continuous rehabilitation of the Del Carmen Mangrove Forest, now recognized as the largest contiguous mangrove forest in the Philippines. We will continue with our pursuit of the UN RAMSAR Convention recognition for the Del Carmen Mangrove Forest as an internationally critical wetland.
b. Del Carmen Fisheries Program got a massive support from RARE and BFAR with the Del Carmen Fisherfolk ID and ProFI program being the drivers of the pride campaign. We will continue to support and expand the Marine protected areas and its management with EcoTourism initiatives to be launched soon.
c. The approval of the 10year Management Plan will mark the start of the implementation to ensure a clean and livable Del Carmen. Currently, we are in the process of purchasing collection vehicles while institutionalizing our solid waste management operations and campaign. Do note, that we are the only municipality with 2 centers of development: Siargao Airport and Poblacion. We all need your help to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink of how we can manage our waste resources!!

3. SOCIAL TOURISM Program continue to focus on professionalizing the services with the Del Carmen Tourism Services. Our edge will be on service quality if we are to compete with other service providers in other municipalities of Siargao:
a. Sugba Lagoon Tour Operations
b. Del Carmen Homestay Services
c. Food and Catering Support Services
d. Tour and Transport Services of Del Carmen
e. SOON! Del Carmen Municipal Park
f. SOON! Del Carmen Marian Park and Pilgrim Center
g. SOON! Balay Numancia Hotel Training Center and Museum
h. SOON! Del Carmen Commercial and Wet Market


a. Town Fiesta Celebration
b. Bakhaw Dance Festival Competition
c. Siargao It Up Weekend Every July
d. Annual Del Carmen Health Summit every July
e. Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge between April to May
f. Charter Day Celebrations
g. SOON!! Paskuhan sa Kabakhawan

SOCIAL SERVICES: (Special Thanks to the Barangay Captains, Officials and Volunteers)

1. Education Quality Roadmap execution focusing on K to 12 preparation
a. Surigao State College of Technology Del Carmen Campus
• Strengthening the Research Capability of SSCT with MODECERA
• Support to complete the SSCT Library Book requirements
• Classroom and Facilities Development
• Site of the Siargao Climate Field School for Farmers and Fisherfolks
• Site of the Del Carmen RIS-ICT Centers

b. DEPED Classroom, Teacher and School Governing Council Development
• Classroom Support through KC NCDDP Program
• SGC and Teacher Trainings with Synergiea Foundation
• Setup of School Based Libraries with National Bookstore Foundation
• Setup of Transport Services to High Schools with Bikes for the Philippines
• Annual Reading Municipal Wide Summer Reading Program with Day Care Teachers and SPED of DOLE
• Support the Education Caravan of Gov Sol for the pre-K children

2. Health Governance Initiatives
a. Successful 2016 / 2017 Del Carmen Health Summit and Seal of Health Governance. Without proper health governance, all other initiatives will be on a weak foundation.

b. LGU Del Carmen is part of the Siargao Cuban Health System Pilot Program from 2017 with funding support from the Department of Health and the Provincial Government of Surigao del Norte. This will aim to improve the curative care services of public health system while preventive health will be retained with LGU.

c. We will continue to implement our Health Governance Program with Priority on Drug Rehabilitation Support and Management for Drug Surrenderees as mandated by the President. Hopefully the health program will be institutionalized by our Sangguniang Bayan.

3. Social Protection Programs support as continued by the National Goverment
a. PHILHEALTH Implementation and Support
b. Quarterly Senior Citizens and PWDs Assistance
c. 4Ps Program for Indigent Families
d. Sustainable Livelihood Program
e. Medical and Burial Assistance for Indigent Families
f. NEW!! Free Tuition for all Students of State Colleges (SSCT)

FINANCE AND MONITORING: (Special Thanks to the LGU Department Heads)

1. Continue Finance Management Initiatives:
a. Barangay Annual Budget Preparation Support. This is a best practice in Budget and Fiscal Management.
b. Improvement in tax and fees collection including ease of doing business with the Business One Stop Shop campaign
c. Launch a new Incentive Investment Code based on new business trends in Siargao

2. Fiscal Appropriation
a. Regular Bonuses for the LGU Del Carmen employees similar to National Government Support
b. LGU Del Carmen is regularly recognized as one of the best revenue contributors in Caraga Region


These are not all the programs we have implemented as there are more. We had our share of failures but we will rise, learn from our mistakes and be better. To cap it off, we have achieved the following milestones with the strong support of the hardworking Team LGU:

• 2017 Regional TESDA Awardee for the skills development to employment program of Del Carmen
• The only 2016 Seal of Good Local Governance from DILG in Siargao Islands
• The only 2016 DOH Regional Health Leadership Awardee for Municipalities in Caraga Region
• 2016 Top 4 For Education Governance and Literacy from DEPED
• 2015 Semi-Finalist of Galing Pook Awards for Health and Education Programs
• 2015 Top 5 Champion for Health Governance (Kaya Natin, DOH, DILG)
• 2014 Pearl Awards 2nd Best Tourism Event (Municipal Category) from DOT and ATOP
• Champion for Climate Change Adaptation for Rural Communities
• Champion for Early Childhood Care Development
• Several Provincial and Regional Recognitions

LGU has been regularly invited to share our governance mechanisms on Health, Education and Environment in different municipalities and regions in the Philippines and occasionally on international delegations such as the recent ASEAN Mayors Forum, Indonesian Ministry of Health and Japan Fisheries Exchange Program.


Since the 2016 election, this is our first State of the Municipal Address. Since then, our focus was to access massive funding sources to ensure infrastructure requirements and program continuity can be established. We have the funds, we are starting the implementations and we will complete our transformation as a local government. These are among the last few steps in our effort to ensure a proud Del Carmenon will face its 100th year on Year 2020; that a proud Del Carmen can continue to put their trust in government; that a proud Del Carmenon can be assured of his or her future.

I am thankful to all our collaborators, partners, family, friends and supporters. I am thankful to Our Lady of Mt Carmel for guiding us always to do what is right. Yours in public service, Alfredo Matugas Coro II, your Municipal Mayor of Del Carmen, Siargao Islands, Philippines.

Salamat Karajaw sa Ijo Hurot.
Padajon Del Carmen, Padajon Siargao, Padajon Surigao.
Marajaw na Adlaw sa ato tanan.

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